My name is Alex Ioana and I’m a marketer for IBM. I started this website in the summer of 2016, and there are two main reasons behind this.

First off: information. I read a lot about everything (top 1% of online readers* in 2014, 2015 and 2016), so at a certain point, I thought it’d be worthwhile to write down whatever I decided to do my own research on. You’ll see that I’m very eclectic with respect to my subject matter.

The second reason is that I enjoy writing. I’ve had a few strokes and brushes with journalism over the years, but this blog is solely a repository for my personal projects. When I manage juggling my personal life, work and spare time sufficiently well, I tend to write an article every week (just in case you’re wondering if subscribing is worth the effort).

I’ve structured my writing into categories that encompass what the reader might expect from each material. In short form, these are:

  • Arts & Culture: Things posted here are about human activities and endeavors that relate to creating (or performing) literary, auditory or visual artwork.
  • Things: Material objects made by people and stuff that gives way to, or influences human activities.
  • Ideas: Thoughts and systems of logic/contemplation that prescribe desired behaviors for people or have some sort of influence on their actions and beliefs.
  • People: From the general given by nations, societies, and folk – to the particular of specific individuals or close-knit human groups.
  • Other stuff: Catch-all category for whatever doesn’t neatly fit into the above taxonomy.

So there you have it. Also – for those curious – the name Deltanomics is a portmanteau of delta (for the statistical concept of difference) and the greater mass of the word economics.

*according to Pocket.

If you’d like to reach out, you can find me on Twitter. I’m also on Facebook and LinkedIn.